Collaborative photo project
2023 — ongoing

Participants: Yehor Dudnichenko (Donetzk, 17),  Nikol Tsybukh (Kharkiv, 13), Oliviia (Kyiv, 16), Vladyslava Pidhrebia (Zalishchyky, 16), Yaroslav Mindra (Odesa, 15), Alisa Lopatina (Kharkiv, 13), Arina Kliuchkevych (Kharkiv, 13).

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, over 1 million refugees have been received by Germany, including around 300 thousand minors. The project participants communicate their experiences fleeing and starting anew, and also respond to the political debate about the war in the German society.

All of the participants were writing, conceptualising images, arranging setups, photographing and selecting final images.

ABC of WAR to be seen at Rathaus Lichtenberg, Berlin 4 June – 2 August 2024
Dreams. Ukraine is free. Everything belongs to us. And we can come back.
Loss. It is when you will never be able to take a photo of someone.
Home. After you moved eight times, you don’t know where your home is.
Life. Every person has one life and it is easy to end it.
Phone call. It is the only way to ask your family how they are doing. When there are many missed calls, you get nervous
Illusion. The first thoughts after arrival that everything is over, that you are in safety and you have new friends. But this is an illusion.
Bombing. It is when you pray, although you don’t believe in God.
War. Because of the war that Russia began in Ukraine, all of my plans are ruined and a part of me is murdered.
Exhibition for the wider school community (students, parents, teachers, and guests) at Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium. View of the wall in the school yard. The public was invited to comment and interact with the participants. June, 2023