bird at the Atlantic coast in Cabourg with young Proust

Black-and-white photography / analog
2020 — dato

This is a personal engagement with Marcel Proust’s In the Search for Lost Time. It is a novel that shaped, consciously or subconsciously, our cultural imagination and notions of desire, longing and memory. This photographic work is an attempt to translate my perception of the novel into a series of images. Driven by my passion for the novel, or in Barthes’ wording, “the pleasure of the text”, I made trips to North France. Normandy, Bretagne, Paris and in and around Illiers-Combray is where the core scenes of the novel are set.

The work was titled The Way to Combray ⧉ and published by edition frölich in 2022. Later it became part of the library collection at Museé Marcel Proust in Illiers-Combray ⧉ 

This work is ongoing and has become my own reflection on time, personal and historical.

Maison Tante Leonie, bed in Illiers-Combray
La Maison de tante Léonie - Musée Marcel Proust
dreamy idea of childhood and home via eyes of young Proust