Online intervention, protest

Design modification: In an act of protest, I modified entrance tickets for the Berlin State Opera, featuring singer Anna Netrebko holding a flag representing Russia’s imperial project in Ukraine. putin was depicted applauding her and the occupation.

Online sale ad: I advertised these tickets for sale on Ebay Kleinanzeigen, urging people to join a demonstration against Netrebko on September 16, 2023, in front of the State Opera.

Reactions: Despite initial deletion by Ebay, the posting garnered attention for 5 days before being removed. Reactions varied, with some attacking and arguing that “art has nothing to do with politics.”

Demonstration: At the demonstration, I highlighted to German media outlets why Netrebko’s presence on the European stage is morally despicable.

@Andrea Linß, demonstration at the Berlin State Opera, 16/09/2023